The Haut Guil Valley

The river Guil has its source at the foot of the Mount Viso, (3841 m, highest summit of Southern Alps) at the Lestio Lake in Ristolas. The foothills of this mythical mountain offer a wonderful wild view of Nature. This territory is to be classified into a biosphere Reserve by the Unesco.

The House of Nature in Ristolas, will explain you the richness of the flora and fauna of Queyras. The river Guil crosses the very welcoming village of Abriès, where you can discover the pass of the written stones. A nice trek will drive you to the Malrif lakes (2600 m), with an unimpeded view on the valley, and then to Aiguilles.

Aiguilles is the next stage and the administrative centre of the canton, where you can discover the surprising Eiffel house, and a number of shops. His history is connected to Latin America (Chili, Argentina) because some of the inhabitants emigrated during the 19th century to make fortune. Their return marked the village's architecture.

The river Guil follows its way to Château Ville Vieille where a steppic zone is extending on the south hillside (between 1400 m and 1600 m height) where you will meet a special flora, rare and unique in France (astragale, fox tail..). You will leave the Haut Guil Valley admiring Chateau Queyras and its fortifications built by Vauban.