The Cristillan Valley

It is at La Maison du Roy that the tumultuous Cristillan finishes its travel, trapped with the Guil by a hydroelectric dam. To get up to its source, we borrow a road that crosses multiple landscapes, from the chalets in Laval into the lime oven of La Traverse.

At Clos des Oiseaux the valley is open on a large plain, precious for the nordic ski and paraglide. Authentic and picturesque, the village of Ceillac extends in the estuary of two valleys.

Sainte Cécile and Saint Sébastien, two churches with original architecture, dominate the houses with fustes made of red mélèze. The Cristillan valley follows through the Chalmettes, the Rioufenc until Bois Noir, a departure for walking towards the lake and chapel of Clausis or the pass of la Cula (3070m).

The Mélézet, swollen by the water of a magnificent waterfall, comes down in the valley with the same name below the hamlets of St Claude and La Raille. At Chaurionde the road ends: then, lakes St Anne and Miroir, Girardin and Tronchet passes , Font Sancte peak (3385m) become the destinations of different strolls among fauna and flora which are as nice as varied.