The natural regional park

The Natural Regional Park of Queyras, based in the department of Hautes Alpes, so near from Italy, is a wonderful place for its high altitude vegetation, its fauna and its architectural heritage.

With 11 villages, accessible valleys connected together, a Mediterranean climate and 15 summits above 3000m, Queyras is a paradise for lovers of protected area.

His high mountain pastures and transhumance; his crafts and all his history, make of Queyras a very typical and specific place.

You can discover the Natural Regional Park of Queyras during leisure activities as hiking, horse riding, cycle touring (road and mountain), water and air sports, climbing, fishing...

You can discover the villages and their sundials or the written stones, you can relax around the lakes or the torrents, or you can simply breathe the pure air of the mountain and slowly get fresh ideas.

The village ski resorts who stimulate Queyras in winter are appreciated by skiers who are looking for multiplicity of sliding sports, together with the comfort and silence of this protected mountain.
The meeting of the Mediterranean sun with the height, close to the Mount Viso, gives to Queyras a generous snow coverage and a beautiful light.

An exceptional territory that you will not want to leave.