The Izoard Valley

The Col de l'Izoard, made famous by the cycle Tour de France, is a privileged access to Queyras if you dare driving in this particular road, bordered by collapse corridors and precipices, the whole in a lunar scenery called the Casse Déserte.

The Arvieux's village, below, is made up of hamlets such as la Chalp, Brunissard, le Coin or Chef Lieu, whose houses mark out the valley from upstream to downstream. These houses are made of stones and wood, in a traditional architecture, with the arches in front of the houses, typical of the village. Touching the houses, large "open fields" , still cultivated, extend to the bottom of the afforested slopes of the valley.

The high mountain pastures of Furfande and Clapeyto, situated above the forest limit, offer an exceptional panorama for the walking or snowshoes lovers who go for a walk among the chalets scattered at feet of crests and all built in a traditional way.

Take the time to visit the Arvieux's mill and the cooperative of Queyras' toys. If you want to stay, a hotel Logis de France will be pleased to welcome you all year long.